Full-Service College Consulting

Need more than essay coaching? Let me assist with the entire application process...

My College Counseling involves...

  • Sharing my "College Knowledge"

  • Guiding a student's College Research 

  • Curating a Personalized College List

  • Creating an Individualized Application Strategy

  • Developing an Academic Resume

  • Organizing Timelines

  • Sharing Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

  • Helping to Develop and Write Essays Strategically

  • Meeting Deadlines Effectively

  • Easing Stress and Anxiety for Everyone

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Applying to college is stressful.  I can help.
Contact me for a free consultation to get started.

sophomore consultation

Planning ahead is KEY!

Find out what your child can be doing NOW to prepare for college applications. Consultations usually last about 1-2 hours and involve academic assessment, course and activities selection, testing plans and prep suggestions, and more.

junior/senior package

This full-service package includes up to 20 meetings any time from January of junior year until January of senior year. It provides help with the entire application process -- college research, a curated college list with reach/match/safety schools, testing strategy and guidance, help with applications, activities list and resume development, brainstorming and writing the Common App/personal statement, management of deadlines and timelines. 

Supplemental essay coaching fees are billed separately.



Some students have done the research and have a solid preliminary college list. They may just need help managing the application process and deadlines.This package includes up to 10 meetings from August to January of senior year, review/revision of college list, strategic help with applications, organization, resume and activities list development, brainstorming and writing of Common App/ personal statement and management of deadlines and timelines. Supplemental essay coaching fees are billed separately.

hourly consulting

Not sure what you need?  Then pay hourly for consultations as you move through the application process. No commitment necessary. All Essay Coaching is billed separately.