Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Common App Essay    $100

Supplemental Essays    $75/ea

Pay-in-Advance Package Option


Purchase coaching for Common App plus minimum of 4 supplemental essays for a 20% discount on the entire package if you pay in advance. 


I accept Venmo, PayPal and personal check

Fixed Fee Pricing:


It is difficult to know in advance how much time it will take a student to produce a stand-out college essay. The process always involves several drafts -- in fact, the more drafts, the better the essay! I never want to put parents or students in the awkward position of being nervous about the cost for the amount of time spent or number of drafts reviewed. It is much better for everyone to put in as much time as it takes to produce the best essays possible. This is why I don't charge an hourly rate. For the fees listed above, I will spend as much time as necessary helping students write the strongest college essay possible. I use Google Docs and work remotely most often, but am always available via phone, FaceTime, Zoom or in person (when the pandemic subsides!) if students need a more personal consultation. I also realize this process is quite fluid and I will work with you to find the best price package for your student.

With Fixed Fee pricing you get...



  • Brainstorming coaching

  • Help planning the structure of the essay

  • Unlimited comments and suggestions on each draft

  • Reviews of as many drafts as necessary

  • No hourly fee or rate




  • Deadlines for each new essay and drafts

  • Consistent writing process 

  • An Essay Plan to use already written essays for multiple schools and topics

  • Accountability in the application process




  • Pre-Brainstorming surveys to spark ideas and topics

  • Writing Tips for the first draft of college essay

  • Writing Tips for the "Why Our School?" essays

  • What colleges want in their applicants' essays

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