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Kelly Clinch

Clinch College Consulting

& Essay Coaching

​Tel: 770-262-6492

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PLEASE NOTE:  I strongly recommend contacting me before August of your child's senior year to guarantee my availability to work with your student during this application cycle. In order to make sure I give each client the time he/she deserves, I usually accept a reduced number of clients in the fall. Please reach out as soon as possible so I can reserve a spot for you on my client list. Thank you! 

DISCLAIMERI cannot guarantee admission to any college or university if you use my service. If any counselor or essay coach offers or suggests that kind of guarantee, RUN. College admissions is a multi-layered and unpredictable process and there are NO guarantees. However, I do promise that I will do my best to make the application process less intimidating and help your students find their confidence to develop the best applications and essays they can! I will not complete applications for students, nor will I write any essay or any portion of an essay for a student. I am a coach and a guide. A student's application and essays MUST reflect his/her original work. If anyone offers to write an essay for you, RUN. Submitting any portion of an application that does not reflect ORIGINAL work could result in an admission being rescinded.
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