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Now a private tutor and writing coach, Kelly Clinch worked as a high school English teacher for 15 years, especially focusing on AP Literature and senior English courses. She is a Georgia certified teacher with a great deal of experience teaching students to write and helping students refine their college essays. Her past students have been admitted to Harvard, Yale, Brown, Duke, UNC, UGA, Georgia Tech, and many, many more excellent colleges and universities. She has a passion for working with teenagers and helping them find their voice as writers. Click below to find out more about her professional background.




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A good college essay can be a key factor in an acceptance to your dream school. Your college essays may be the only way an admissions committee really gets to meet you, to learn more about you, your goals, dreams, and experiences. But how do you write essays that will stand out in that huge pile of thousands? Students know how to write academic papers, but college essay writing is very different--it is more personal. Colleges want to hear your “voice” and often finding that unique voice in writing can be tricky!  Many high school students find writing college essays difficult and time-consuming. Click below to find out more about how college essay coaching works and how I can help.




Common App Essay:   $100

Supplemental Essays: $75/each 

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I offer "fixed fee" pricing, since no one really knows how much time it will take a student to write a stand-out essay. There is no hourly rate, so parents know up front costs before we begin. All price points include the entire writing process from brainstorming to final product. Packaging can be tailored for the needs of your student. Click below for more information and details on pricing and discounted consulting packages.


"At the beginning of the college application process, I was most nervous about my essays and the process of editing them. I knew I could get help at school, but I was always so busy doing other things during the school day that I could never find the time to reach out to a teacher or go to the writing center. When Mrs.Clinch offered to help, I was so relieved. She helped me develop ideas for all types of prompts and guided me through the writing process. She encouraged me and made my essays the best they could be. My favorite part about working with her is that she really lets YOU lead the creative process while she suggests what could be improved. This is difficult to find as many adults want to takeover and do it “their” way. Additionally, she did all of this in such a timely fashion, which was so nice because the timeline to apply is overwhelmingly short. I highly recommend working with Mrs. Clinch!" -- Dunwoody High School Senior, Class of 2020

"Mrs. Clinch was a crucial asset to my college application experience. She helped to take my writing to the next level while keeping it my own. Her advice throughout the process thoroughly covered all aspects of the paper: from choosing a topic, to small grammar mistakes, Mrs. Clinch was able to help me capture who I am within the essays. Without Mrs. Clinch my application process would not have been as successful as it was." -- Marist School Senior, Class of 2020

"While I was working on my application for graduate school, I reached out to Kelly Clinch in order to have the best essay possible. She was helpful, attentive, and pushed me to be the best writer I could be so that I would get accepted. Working on my application was a long process, but Mrs. Clinch was there during every step of the revision process, forming guidelines and suggestions that might improve my writing. She allowed me to learn how to fix errors so that I can apply it in the future. By asking for her help, I was accepted to my dream Masters program." -- FSU Senior, Class of 2021